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Our Clients Raise An Average Of $345,424 In 30 Days.



Prelaunch and Preperation

Campaign Media Exposure


Post-Launch Maintance

Launch Your Innovative Product Worldwide

Since the inception of Cowise in April 2017, we’ve helped tons of clients to launch their product globally on crowdfunding with success. With a 100% funding rate record, Cowise helps you successfully manage crowdfunding campaigns from prelaunch, launch through post-launch.

Our crowdfunding marketing strategy begins with Research and Strategy, where we research about the market size and target group, as this lays the foundation through out our whole campaign. After this we’ll start the Prelaunch & Preparation, where we build a landing page and run ads to confirm whether the target group is accurate. We’ll also start designing and copywriting the campaign page and the video. Before the launch we’ve already start pitching relevant reporters with your crafted branding story, so you can launch the crowdfunding campaign with a blast.

Public Relations

Get featured on The Verge, TechCrunch and outlets.

Research & Preparation

Media Plan



We’ve featured more than 15 startups in media like TechCrunch, TheVerge, PopSugar and many more different media. We start with Research & Preparation, where we’ll write the pitch and select the reporters we want to pitch. After that we’ll create a media plan for you to review and make any amendments. Timed with your product launch, we’ll pick the appropriate date to pitch the reporters.

Channel Marketing

We Help You With (r)eTail.



Retail & Distribution

With our global network of distributors, we can help you with eCommerce, wholesale and distribution of products. With access to different e-tailers and distributors, we can help you get your product into the hands of your end-consumer.

Creative and Growth

Right Message To The Right Audience.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Online Advertising

Whether you need help with Social Media, or need an KOL plan, our team of experts is ready to help you.

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