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Lofree: A Typewriter-insprired Keyboard

Inspired by typewriters, lofree is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is retro and elegant. It introduces Gateron switches to make it sounds like a typewriter. Spherical round keycaps which perfect fit your fingers. Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

$ 744,199 raised from 7,945 backers

Rigiet: The Most Advanced Smartphone Stabilizer

Meet Rigiet, the most advanced and versatile stabilizer. It features auto-tracking, time-lapse, 3 different panorama modes, automatically detects your position what you want to film in and more!

$ 824,262 raised from 5,242 backers

Funxim: Affordable Fast Wireless Charging Pad For Apple Fans

In today’s wireless charging era, Funxim delivers a great affordable alternative for people who want to charge their new iPhone and Apple Watch. It features fast charging capabilities and has a 80% charging conversion rate.

$ 512,520 raised from 12,320 backers

Fotorgear Magilight: Creativity Without Boundaries

Magilight is the most advanced all in one light painting product! Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, unleash your creativity with the all-in-one light painting tool. Print, color, animate & more.

$ 466,308 raised from 3,193 backers

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